"Remo strikes you immediately as a person of high intelligence and of strong analytical ability. That, coupled with his evident honesty, inspires a solid confidence in his ability to deliver."

Bernard Coulombe, President,
Chief Executive Officer and
Vice Chairman, Niocan Inc.

At Sandstone Strategies we work with clients to establish clearly defined goals, priorities and time lines. Services include:
  • Interim Executive Management

  • Directorship on Boards of Directors

  • Public speaking, workshop and conference presentations

  • Direct advocacy with decision makers in government and business

  • Establishing good corporate governance procedures

  • Short and long term strategic planning

  • Succession planning

  • Restructuring the organization of entities

  • Negotiating acquisitions of outside services

  • Project management

  • Research management

  • Providing oversight for community outreach programs

  • Advising on management structures and reporting procedures

We assemble and manage the team necessary to get the job done.

1060 University Ave. W Suite 200 Windsor, Ontario N9A 5S4 Tel: 519-980-7047