Sandstone Strategies has provided leadership and consulting services focused on business management, corporate governance, and government relations since 2004.

What separates Sandstone Strategies from other management and consulting firms is the breadth of experience we bring to the table in both the business and government milieus. These are both very different work places: government operating procedures and road maps are different than those in the business landscape. The approaches taken by business and by government toward solving issues are distinct, but at Sandstone Strategies we have the ability to work seamlessly between the two.

The firm's clients span a range of sizes and of industries in the private and public sectors, all of whom benefit from Remo's unique combination of skills and experience, which include service on various boards of directors in private sector and not-for-profit business organizations.

Sandstone Strategies offers personal, hands on attention to the issues facing its clients, providing the management services necessary for the client to win.

Sandstone Strategies is deadline-oriented, and whenever needed, our firm is able to work from the client's location.

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