Sandstone Strategies was founded in 2004 on three main principles:
  • Good Corporate Governance:
    This is a key success factor for private sector companies and not-for-profit organizations.

  • Plugged into Government:
    In advance of public policy matters and new legislation being presented, companies and non-for-profit organizations need to be plugged into the government process.

  • Critical Management Thinking:
    Business success depends on more than just organizational structure, strategy and execution. It requires critical management thinking that combines all three in a fully integrated approach.

Our strengths, and our major points of differentiation, are:

  • Our passion for (and expertise in) good corporate governance

  • Knowing how to navigate government so that the public-policy process is improved and takes into account the needs of your industry, business or non-profit.

  • Our considerable experience at senior levels of government and at the senior executive level of the corporate world.

We are committed to delivering high quality management and governance solutions that propel private-sector and not-for-profit organizations to greater levels of efficiency and profitability, both on an interim/transitional basis and on long term undertakings.

1060 University Ave. W Suite 200 Windsor, Ontario N9A 5S4 Tel: 519-980-7047