Remo Mancini
Remo Mancini Welcome to my website. I’m glad you stopped by. On this site you’ll be able to learn about me and my company, Sandstone Strategies. Please take a look around and feel free to contact me.

Remo Mancini brings a unique and valuable perspective to business affairs, senior executive management and corporate governance.

As a former Cabinet Minister and veteran of senior-level politics and a successful leader in corporate matters spanning the private and public sectors, he is uniquely positioned to offer insightful and decisive guidance, management direction and leadership.

Through his involvement in senior executive posts, memberships and leadership roles on various Boards of Directors, and through his private consultancy Sandstone Strategies, Remo brings an established ability to direct and lead within dynamic team environments and in self-directed undertakings.

1060 University Ave. W Suite 200 Windsor, Ontario N9A 5S4 Tel: 519-980-7047

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